Transform the things you're ready to outgrow. 

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I'm TBird

As a Transformative Artist, Intuitive Healer, and New Earth Leadership Coach, I empower you with skills to fearlessly be who you’re meant to be and express what you came here to do. It's like special forces training for those who feel chosen.




*90 min., customized packages

Everyone's healing journey is unique, and this session is personalized to fit your goals. 

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*90min -2 hours

This session includes intuitive guidance, therapeutic bodywork, sound healing, and Reiki transmissions.

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*PRIVATE & GROUP. Up to 8 people‚Äč. Includes preparation, aura cleansing, intention setting, intuitive guidance, sound healing, meditation, Reiki 

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Dr. Leslie Hewitt

"Tbird boldly steps outside the lines of convention. She has a way of connecting the dots for others to find their inner music.”

Ward Saunders

"Tbird has unlocked and revealed my potential. Working with her is like plugging into a creative power station and I am now in massive action. 

Adriana Velez

“I’ve held tremendous fear and shame around my voice and speaking up. Through Tbird's guidance, I am finally able to liberate my voice.”

Transformative Leadership

for teams, groups, and communities

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