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I'm TBird Luv

Life Time Trusted Advisor, Transformative Arts Facilitator & Motivational Speaker

Often it's the things we want the most that scare us. All over the globe, I help mission-driven people take charge of their lives in more empowered ways both personally and professionally.

Get started with Future Think, Future Compatible: An empowering workbook guiding you on a path of fearless sovereignty that breaks free from outdated and limiting belief systems so that you can FLY!

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Future Think, Future Compatible

This dynamic workbook is not just a guide; it's your companion on the journey to actualizing fearless sovereignty; empowering you to be authentically you, do what you're meant to do, and live free in every aspect of your life.

As we embark on this evolutionary path together, the pages unfold as a roadmap, offering practical exercises, thought-provoking reflections, and a personalized blueprint for your unique evolution. 

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Dr. Leslie Hewitt

"Tbird boldly steps outside the lines of convention. She has a way of connecting the dots for others to find their inner music.”

Ward Saunders

"Tbird has unlocked and revealed my potential. Working with her is like plugging into a creative power station and I am now in massive action.

Adriana Velez

“I’ve held tremendous fear and shame around my voice and speaking up. Through Tbird's guidance, I am finally able to liberate my voice.

Lily Dong

"What Tbird does will not fit into any category of entertainment or inspirational speech, she is in a category all through her own creation.”

Robert Dick

"TBird is on track to be one of the most important creative voices of her generation."

Dr. Athena Stanley-Yolgecen

"After every session, each one of us as participants embraced each other as brothers and sisters. We care about one another. We empathize with one another. We belong.”

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