With creativity and courage, ANYTHING is possible.


To prevent unfulfilled dreams and under-expressed talent from happening, my artistic vocation has become my way of helping YOU free yourself from what's holding you back. It's through a methodology called " Loving the moment open," that I show you how to unblock and break free. 

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Artists reveal what's missing. Healers help us engage the shadow.  Agents of change - what is possible.  

It began at an early age.

I grew up watching The Muppet Show and wanted to become a Jedi Knight. Helping people SHINE through the arts while healing the world's dark forces, felt exciting and fun. So I  followed the impulse.

I knew that I was born to do something great. Yet being highly sensitive and different from everyone else made me feel misunderstood, fearful and small. I was expected to fit in. So I toned things down and sought permission to shine or pushed myself to overachieve.  

I struggled with a fear of failure and grew tired of feeling held back. It wasn't until I learned how to work with my fear in a way that no longer made the wound more important than the healing, did things TRULY start aligning and coming together. 


I'm a Certified Reiki Master & Light Ascension Therapist with a background in the performing and healing arts for OVER 20 plus years. I've been working with plant medicines and indigenous elders since 2003. All over the world, I lead programs that bring out your star-power qualities through a blend of ancient ceremonial practices and evolutionary New Earth principles. 

I have a background in Classical Music from Carnegie Mellon University and a World Music and Dance foundation from the California Institute of the Arts. I am also a recipient of the Arts & Culture Fellowship award from The Rockwood Leadership Institute for my advocacy in utilizing the arts to create a better humanity.