I advocate for transformative change. 

My focus is on wellness as equity for individuals and the collective via the exploration of social change, self-discovery, and systemic inquiry.

It's through my “special forces training” I call fearless creative expression that I use to transform hurt into healing and healing into lived purpose.

I believe that by aligning more with our innate creative genius, we'll liberate ourselves from habitual limiting beliefs ingrained through conditioning. Resulting in bettering our world and synergizing our relationships.

It began at an early age.

I grew up watching The Muppet Show and wanted to become a Jedi Knight. Live Aid and Hands Across America swept the nation and songs like We Are The World played on the radio.

I wanted to play a bigger role too. Helping people SHINE while healing the world's dark forces, felt exciting and fun. So I followed the impulse.

I knew that I was born to do something great. Yet being highly sensitive and different from everyone else made me feel misunderstood, fearful and small. I was expected to fit in. So I toned things down and sought permission to shine or pushed myself to overachieve.  

I struggled with a fear of failure and grew tired of feeling held back. It wasn't until I learned how to work with fear in a way that no longer made the wound more important than the healing, did things TRULY start aligning and coming together.

Ultimately, my artistic vocation became a vehicle for transformation.


From traveling all over the world performing and leading workshops and retreats to giving motivational talks and mentoring emerging leaders...

....my eclectic background gave me access to various cultures around the globe. It empowered me to take important risks in order to develop. And taught me that my vulnerability was actually my greatest strength.

Thank you for being curious

I've had to learn what I came here to teach: How to embody self-love and develop an "unfuckwithable" sense of self-worth in order to show up powerfully in my life's purpose.

And if you're open, I'd like to pass this knowledge on to you.  I'll be your life-purpose muse and spiritual sidekick. Because with you ROCKING your truth and shining your light, I believe we all will benefit greatly.


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